Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Emotion Stylistics: An Analysis of Urdu Poems [Zubair A. Bajwa]

Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Emotion Stylistics: An Analysis of Urdu Poems [Zubair A. Bajwa]   Abstract   This study has undertaken metaphorical analysis of poetry with the help of Conceptual Metaphor Theory of cognitive stylistics by blending it with the newly emerged approach Emotional Stylistics (Nørgaard, Montoro, & Busse, 2010). The objective is to find out how metaphors are used as a stylistic choice and device to touch the emotions of the readers and achieve the emotive function in natural languages which is believed to be connected with cognition. The focus is also to explain the relation between metaphors and emotive function (Jakobson, 1958) or meaning of language. Two concurrent Urdu poems were selected as data for analysis. Analysis was done to find out the rela...[Read More]

Nominal Markers/Suffixes in Urdu

Abstract Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. It is the lingua franca of the country. Nominal markers are the suffixes that are used to derive nouns from nouns or other grammatical categories. Present study intends to find out and describe the nominal markers in the Urdu language. In nature, this study is descriptive. The theory applied is morpheme based theory. Introduction Nouns in Urdu are formed by the affixation process. Affixation is a type of morphological process by which a prefix, suffix of any other type of affix is used to create new lexical items. The formation of nouns is called nominalization. Similarly, the suffixes that are used in the process of nominalization are called nominal markers or nominal suffixes. Urdu has many nominal markers. This research paper is the st...[Read More]

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